Primary care

People who suffer from serious mental illness die, on average, an astonishing 25 years earlier than the average person. There is a clear link between early mortality and the lack of access to primary care among individuals with mental illness. Navos is among the first mental health centers nationally to offer clients a comprehensive “healthcare home” where they can receive primary care in addition to mental health treatment. By integrating care, we can improve prevention, early detection, and treatment of serious health issues, including chronic diseases.

Adult Services

In addition to our more innovative programs, we provide a complete range of traditional mental health services for adults. Most of our clients struggle with poverty in addition to mental illness; many are homeless, and some are incarcerated. We treat clients with the intention of helping clients stabilize, manage their symptoms, and improving their quality of life. Among our services:

  • Psychiatric services
  • Therapy services
  • Medication Management
  • Case management and connection to housing and other support service

Employment services

Employment is a key part of a person’s recovery. Our employment services program builds self-sufficiency and stabilizes lives by helping clients build marketable skills and find work that is lasting, meaningful, and suitable. We provide job opportunities through our Third Runway Café and Catering business and through our relationships with local businesses. We also match clients with employers and provide long-term on-site job coaching and support services.

Journey To Life Wellness

Journey to Life Wellness epitomizes our recovery philosophy. Working with a team composed of peer support specialists, a mental health professional and a “home team” support group, clients map out goals for wellness in seven areas, with the ultimate aim of living a life bigger than their disease. With funding from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Washington Institute for Mental Health Research & Training is evaluating Journey to Life Wellness as a national best practice.

Treatment for co-occurring disorders

When people with addiction recognize they’ve been abusing drugs and alcohol to medicate symptoms of mental illness, the results can be transformative. Our program addresses both mental illness and addiction through individual counseling, group therapy, 12 step programs and more, helping clients with dual diagnoses find the path to recovery.

Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

Working from a mobile unit to serve clients wherever they are, our PACT team provides comprehensive mental health care and essential services to some of the most vulnerable, high-risk and hard-to-reach people in King County. The result? Fewer people on the streets, in our jails, and in state hospitals—and more people living independently.

Expanding Community Services (ECS)

An alternative to long-term institutionalization for people with severe mental illness, our ECS program provides care in a community setting, at a much lower cost. We provide intensive support services, assistance reconnecting with family and friends, and structured activities that help clients develop a community of support.