Pioneered at Navos

New ideas. Measurable results.

We’ve pioneered several programs distinguished by their fresh approach—and their effectiveness.

Journey To Life Wellness

Journey to Life Wellness epitomizes our recovery philosophy. Working with a team composed of peer support specialists, a mental health professional and a “home team” support group, clients map out goals for wellness in seven areas, with the ultimate aim of living a life bigger than their disease. With funding from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Washington Institute for Mental Health Research & Training is evaluating Journey to Life Wellness as a national best practice.

Infant Mental Health

Mental Illness is often overlooked in children and adolescents—an oversight that costs us all. Studies show that for every dollar spent on early intervention with at-risk children, about seven dollars are saved by society later—in mental health treatment, law enforcement, health care, and incarceration. Our Infant Mental Health program serves children and families struggling to heal from mental illness, violence, addiction, abuse and poverty. Our therapists, certified in infant mental health treatment, create a treatment plan that supports the whole family. We work closely with parents or caregivers, often in their own home, to help them develop the confidence and skills to care for and bond with their children. We also offer “wraparound” services, helping clients connect to resources such as housing, food, diapers, assistance navigating government agencies, and more.

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Peer Support Specialist Training Program

Support from someone “who’s been there” can be invaluable. Our Peer Employment Program prepares individuals with mental illness for careers in counseling. The sixteen-week class followed by a ten-week internship taps into the natural leadership potential of these individuals and teaches them how to use their insight and experience to guide and support others in recovery. It is one of our most powerful and effective components of treatment.

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Integration of behavioral health and primary care

People who suffer from serious mental illness die, on average, an astonishing 25 years earlier than the average person. There is a clear link between early mortality and the lack of access to primary care among individuals with mental illness. Navos is among the first mental health centers nationally to offer clients a comprehensive “healthcare home” where they can receive primary care in addition to mental health treatment. By integrating care, we can improve prevention, early detection, and treatment of serious health issues, including chronic diseases.