Older Adult


Using a patient centered approach, our program is helping older adults (60 and above) live full rewarding and safe lives. We partner with our patients, their families and support systems to develop a safety net of care and community for each individual. For nearly forty years our compassionate team, comprised of case managers, therapists and clinicians have been leaders in providing the specialized care that is required for older adults living with serious and persistent mental illness. We know that the right intervention at the right time can help maintain independence, safety and enhance quality of life.

We collaborate with our patients to develop a treatment plan that honors the phase in life they are entering and that helps them face the unique challenges of aging. Older adults have more (and often devastating) health problems, are typically less mobile and may become isolated. Pairing these physical challenges with loss of memory, being unsafe in their own homes and untreated mental illness can rob them of their dignity and a future. OASIS mobilizes its team to serve older adults who may be living independently in the community, in adult family homes, boarding homes or assisted living facilities. We meet our patients where they are. Focusing on each patient’s strengths and the many years of rich life experience they have, we help them to realize their potential to live their lives to the fullest.

OASIS serves our community
with the following programs:

Community Based Case Management:

Our community based team is serving older adults throughout all of King County. Patients may live by themselves, with a spouse or children or in assisted living facilities. Since mobility is often limited or traveling for treatment can be difficult our team makes “home visits” and delivers services to patients in the comfort of their home. Case management services are the frontline to our work. The support and access to resources we provide allows our patients to develop the capacity to achieve success in their treatment.

Nursing Home Team:

We are presently working in 30 nursing facilities throughout King County. Coordinating with patients, their families,
and nursing staff to deliver collaborative care; we assess each patient individually to provide a tailored treatment plan. Behavioral concerns, therapeutic interventions, educational trainings, psychiatric evaluations and medication recommendations are all part of this work. A large part of our role is consulting with caretakers and care teams so they can address the complex demands of older adults with mental illness with the expertise and dignity they deserve.

Midway Residential Program:

is a residential treatment center for older adults (55 and above) with serious and persistent mental illness. Due to their level of care they require, patients are unable to live independently or and need daily assistance and intervention. They do not meet the requirements for an assisted living facility. The program has 22 residents living in seven individual houses on a cul-de-sac in Kent, Washington. The program is staffed seven days a week and provides intense case management and intervention services. Patients also receive a visit with a psychiatrist weekly who collaborates with the support team. By providing stable housing and on site treatment we are able to provide excellent services in a safe home environment.

High West Residence:

provides a home for older adults (55 and above) with serious and persistent mental illness who require 24 hours staff support. Residents live in an apartment house setting. Onsite staff provides intensive case management, meal preparation, health care coordination and medication management. In addition, residents are receiving medical supervision and psychiatric services. Our employees works to maintain a home like environment and provide therapeutic and recreational outings and special groups that meet around a shared interest but target older adult concerns. Helping our patients develop a sense of community.

Older Adult Peer Support Program:

is dedicated to improving the quality of our patients’ lives through developing a close connection and supportive relationship with a peer who is in their same age cohort. Our program draws on the strengths, life experience, and personal abilities of adults that are 55+ years of age, who want to give back and contribute to their community and fellow peers. It is through this connection in age, developmental stage and life experience that our peer specialist’s provide encouragement, guidance, social connection, and emotional support that are meaningful and age appropriate. By developing a connection with another person going through similar experience our patients feel less isolated, alone, and stigmatized.

Peer support specialists meet with a patient approximately once a week, though it may vary depending on each specific situation. The peer specialist works on developing a relationship with the patient and spends time talking with the patient about the issues in their life. When appropriate, the peer support specialist may also take the client out for a physical activity, such as a walk, or a social activity such as a movie, coffee, or shopping. It is our goal, that through this remarkable connection, each person involved will feel rewarded, fulfilled and supported.